Red Bull Rampage 2021

Known to bring the baddest dudes out from their bunkers, Red Bull Rampage is one of the gnarliest events on the planet.

Extreme exposure, treacherous features and gallons of adrenaline, separate the men from the insane and our dude Tyler McCaul is just that.

Tyler McCaul

Back in 2019, Tyler sent a jump a bit too deep and ended up blowing his ankle to pieces. Yea, gnarly. An injury that was thought to heal up and allow Tyler to be on his way ended up taking nearly two years to fully recover. Just a few weeks prior to the 2021 Red Bull Rampage, Tyler threw his leg back over his steed.

Though T-MAC is a seasoned veteran, timing, familiarity, and comfort only come with time on the terrain and few thought just a couple of weeks would be enough. Like anything else he does, he likes to prove people wrong.

He and his crew build one of those lines that just looked right. It was fast, it was exposed and it had just the right amount of amplitude. T-MAC’s focus never waivered and a few trips upside down and one massive sui later, he found himself in 5th place, a tie for his best finish at Rampage.

In the words of Tyler: “Had more fun at Rampage this year than any other year...BIKES RULE!”

We couldn’t have said it better.